How do you know if you are called to being a witch, Priestess or pagan?

25 september, 2022

How do you know if you are a witch or if you are called to being a Priestess?

You know what? This is something that only you can know.



It is something you feel. It is something your soul knows.



You might not know why or be able to put words on it, but it is a feeling of coming home.


From the moment you KNOW, your journey starts.


You start to look for information in books, podcasts, maybe find a community of likeminded people and you start to change.


The work of the witch is one of transformation, of grounding and opening up to the energies around us so that we can change and move towards our true essence.


Do you know if you are called to the path of the witch?


You also get a beautiful guided meditation that helps you open up to the magical energies around and within you.

I hope you will love it!

Love, Elin xx

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