A lunar cycle with Morgan Le Fey


Walk with Morgan Le Fey for one lunar cycle and get to know Her magic and Her transformative energy.
Are you ready?

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Are you ready to start a deep process of transformation based within the powerful energies of Avalon?

Do you feel tired of letting your spirituality take second place in your life?

Do you feel ready to open up to your own magic?

Are you ready to explore the transforming energies and magic of Morgan Le Fey?

Then you are ready to dedicate yourself to walk one lunar cycle with her!

I have created this course because I know that many long to get to know, to really KNOW more aspects and faces of Goddess.

I know a lot of people long to be able to focus on one Goddess at a time. Without rushing. To have time to get to know how She feels in us.

To teach us.
To grow.
To invite change.

In this connection we open up to, we find new strength. We rediscover our inner strength and it becomes easier to stand up as we truly are.

I know that many long for a life in harmony with the cycles of nature and with Source.

This course is a step towards that.

What you get:

A guided full moon ceremoni (23 minutes)

A guided dark moon meditation (12 minutes)

Three guided daily rituals.

A breathing meditation for grounding.

When the payment has gone through you will get access to the files, and you will also get an e-mail from me with a page where you can find the material.