One lunar cycle with Inanna


Are you ready to dedicate yourself to walking with Inanna for one lunar cycle?

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Do you want to give yourself the gift of dedicating one lunar cycle to one specific Goddess?

Have you felt Inanna calling your from deep, deep down in the earth?

Do you want to tune into Her energies and find out what She has to say?

Do you feel ready to answer Her call?

You may feel that even if you know that you are on the right path, and have walked with the Goddess for a long time, you are missing something right now.

You want to go deeper, and you want to get to know Inanna and see what she has to teach you.

You want to go deeper in your spiritual practice, or get new ideas and tools.

You might feel that right now, you need someone else’s guidance to move on.

Because even if you can reach the same depth on your own, you can, by letting go of how you usually do things, light a new spark inside.

Take a deep breath, and welcome Inanna.

What is included:

Full moon ceremony (30 min) which includes a guided meditation where you meet Inanna.

Dark moon ceremony (30 minutes) with a guided meditation where you meet Inanna.

Three recorded daily rituals to choose from.

Two guided rituals, around 6 minutes each that you can choose from.

A grounding meditation focused on the breath.

There is also a third practice that you can easily do after reading the instructions.

When the payment has gone through you will get access to all the files included in the course. You will also recieve an e-mail from me with a link to your material.

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