Re-ignite your soul connection to the Divine Feminine


She, the creating force of the Universe. Goddess.

She, who surrounds us and flows through us.
You are Her and She is you.

She is the force that reminds us that we are whole and we are holy. That we are powerful and that we can find peace within.

Meet Her in this 7-day introductory course.

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I welcome you to start a new journey. I welcome you to take the first step on your path with Goddess along with so many men, women and others all over the world.

I welcome you to a 7-day introductory course where you will open up energetically to Goddess and connect to her through ceremony, meditation and reflection.

If you are longing for something else that the ordinary, and if you know that it is your soul´s purpose to walk a different path, if you feel that walking with Goddess is the way forward, then this is for you!

What is included:

4 guided downloadable meditations and a 25 page pdf manual.

As soon as your purchase goes through you will be given access to the files.
You will also recieve an e-mail from me with the link to a page where all your material can be found.