Re-ignite your soul connection to the Divine Feminine!

Have you heard Her voice in the wind, in the flames of the fire and the waves of the sea?

Have you been feeling that there is something missing in your life?

Do you feel that it is time to re-connect to the sacredness of life?

Are you ready to open up and re-ignite your connection to Goddess?

I welcome you

I welcome you to start a new journey. I welcome you to take the first step on your path with Goddess along with so many men, women and others all over the world.

I welcome you to a 7-day introductory course where you will open up energetically to Goddess and connect to her through ceremony, meditation and reflection.


Are you longing for something?

If you are longing for something else that the ordinary, and if you know that it is your soul´s purpose to walk a different path, if you feel that walking with Goddess is the way forward, then this is for you! 

This is a course created for women (but everyone is welcome) who are new to the Goddess path, but is also good for those who have been walking it for awhile, but have gotten lost and need something to re-ignite their spark.

(Day 5 focuses on the womb energy. But it works for everyone since what we are focusing on is our power centre.)

Can you feel something stirring within you?

That feeling that says, YES! That feeling that tells you that you have to do something.
Something you have been waiting for.
Your path.
New steps down a different road.
Where you can rest, ground and breathe.

About me

My name is Elin Hejll. I am a priestess and a witch and I have been walking with the Goddess for over 20 years. In 2001, I began a three-year training with Kathy Jones in Glastonbury to become an Avalon Priestess. Since then, I have created ceremonies at Glastonbury’s Goddess Conference, as well as Goddess Conferences and festivals in Sweden and Germany. I am the founder of Stockholm’s Goddess Temple where I have held Goddess Temple weekends with ceremonies and talks, and I also hold ceremonies in various places in and around Stockholm.

I have created this course because I know that so many are feeling that the Goddess is calling the,m, and they want to know a bit more before they step fully onto the path.

The course

For only $37 / £28 / EUR 34 you get everything you need.

As soon as your purchase goes through you will be sent an e-mail with the link to the page where all your material can be found.

4 guided downloadable meditations and a 25 page pdf manual.

You can choose to do the course seven days in a row, but you can also divide it up as it suits you.

Day 1

On the first day you set an intention for your journey in a sacred ceremony. You will learn about grounding and you make yourself a promise to complete what you have started.

A new step on your journey.

Day 2

Day 2 is focused around presence. If we are not present we can´t open up and really feel the Goddess and her energies. 

If we are constantly stuck in our heards we can´t get to know and understand ourselves, and knowing ourselves is the core in knowing Goddess and re-igniting that spark! 

I give you different exercises to use to ground, centre and be present here and now.

Day 3

On day 3 we open our eyes to She of 10,000 names and 10,000 faces.

Do you feel called to a specific Goddess, or many?

On day three I guide you in a meditation to meet Goddess.

Day 4

On day 4 we focus on our bodies. The home of. thesoul. You are Goddess and She is you.

You will do a ceremony where you honour your sacred body.

Day 5

On day 5 we open up to our sacred power source, our womb space. And one does not need a womb to experience to power of this guided meditation. 

Open up to your sacred power!

Day 6

No Goddess course in complete without the elements: air, fire, water and earth. They are within us and around us and their wisdom is something we all need on this journey. 

We can learn so much about ourselves and the energies of nature when we focus on these elements.

On day six you will get a taste of their energies through my guided meditation.

Day 7

On day 7 we call back the power! Our own power!

I guide you in sacred ceremony to call back the power that is already within you, but that you might have forgotten.

Your strength, your power that you need to walk the path of the witch!

Are you ready?

What others have said about my courses and ceremonies

“Elin is very competent and radiates warmth and trust. She made me feel like it was OK to try new things.”

“Very well planned and very professional! Elin really knows what she is doing!”

Is this course for you?

Are you worried that will not have time to complete it?

I have created the course so that you can choose how long you take to complete it!

Some people may want to do the same exercises and meditations several days in a row.

You choose.

But the course and the exercises and meditations are created so that you are able to do them even if you work full-time.

Some exercises you can do on the way home, some on the bus, and some you will want to do in a private space where you feel safe.

The guided meditations and ceremonies are about 10-15 minuters long

In what way will this course help me open to Goddess, and can I become a witch after I complete it?

This course gives you tasters of all the parts that are important as you walk with Goddess as a pagan, witch or Priestess.

Knowing the elements and meeting Goddess in meditation is magical!

Practicing presence is vital to be able to create and hold ceremonies.

This course can open new doors for you and can help you to go deeper into yourself. and the magic of the Goddess.

You can use and re-use the meditations and expeience different things every time!
The ceremonies you can also do again and again, all to strengthen your connection to Goddess and re-ignite Her spark in your heart and soul!

This is for you if:

-you feel that something is missing from your life and you want to open yourself up to the magic of Goddess.

 -you feel that your soul is longing for a closer connection to Goddess and you know that you can´t ignore it any longer.