Who is the Goddess?

28 november, 2021

 Who is She? Where is She? There are many questions that people ask themselves when they hear of Goddess. As they exploration of Her energies grow we find our own way of explaining it, but this is how I see Her.
 Goddess and the Divine Feminine is, as I experience it an aspect of the energy of the universe.
 The creating force.
 She is the Divine power within us that we can feel when we tune in.
When we slow down,
When we move.
When we do yoga or meditate.
When we create sacred ceremony or stand on Her body, Mother Earth.
She is Mother Earth, She is the Moon and the stars.
 She makes herself known to us through all Her aspects as Maiden, Lover, Mother and Crone, in all cultures on Earth.
 We experience Her in all the elements in nature, and those elements reflect us and all our moods and emotions.
 We can feel Her as passion, as rage, as love, as compassion, and everything in between. She is not something outside of us. She IS us.
 She shows us that we can take charge.
 We know.
 We know our truth, and using all the tools She gives us; the cycles of nature, the moon, our own inner cycle, the elements and Her sacred nature, we can learn so much more about ourselves and open up to who we truly are making our lives easier and more filled with what we want.
 She is you.
 And you are Her.
 We are One.
 Love, Elin
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